I am working on a number of projects, among them being a novel called Princes of the Insane, and my Conlang, Sustyätes (or Sustyátes, depending on the transliteration style I use).

Princess of the Insane

Princess of the Insane is the title of a novel I am working on. Set on another world with approximately the same level of technological advancement as ours, it follows a young woman, Teresa "Terra" Kinglsey, as she tries to cope with being accused of the murder of one of her only friends, the Princess Regnant, Rachel Winston.

The synopsis is as follows.

Terra’s life, while yet only seventeen years long, has been fraught with complications. Taken from her parents--crackheads who cared more about getting their next fix than raising their child--when she was less than a year old, she has been through the best and the worst of the foster program, eventually landing in an abusive household at thirteen. Months later, when she finally snaps and retaliates, she is confined to an insane asylum for hospitalising her foster father. When she finally is released, Terra thinks that her life is going to get back on track and gain some semblance of normality. However, when a gunman empties a clip at her when she was waiting to catch a train to her flat and she is accused of killing one of her closest friends, the Princess Regnant, she realises that her name and ‘normal’ are never again going to be in the same sentence.

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