13 October, 2013

Present Tense Verbs, Their Meanings and Their Conjugations

Verb Conjugations

A note on pronunciation:
For the most part, all consonants are pronounced as they would be in English, with one notable exception: v is the Bilabial voiced fricative, rather than the labial voiced fricative it is in English.

The vowels are as follows:

  • a: the ah sound in far
  • e: the eh sound them
  • i: the ee sound in deem
  • o: the o sound in bone
  • u: the oo sound in boon
  • ä: the ay sound in hay
  • á,é,í,ó,ú,'ä: This indicates that there is a stop before the beginning of the vowel. It is used when there are two vowels right next to each other, but the second is in a separate syllable from the first.

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