09 September, 2013

Hello and About Me (Hallo und Über Mich)

Hello Anybody and Everybody!
My name is Andrew Schade, and this is my blog. Here I will write about my multiple hobbies, my philosophy and other things that I cannot bear to keep silent about.

I am (as of Sept. 2013) a Senior in High School at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, which is a residential, magnet school in Limestone, Maine, USA and am studying a number of topics, including Computational Physics, Complex Analysis, Human Anatomy, and British Literature. Besides studying, I spend my time working on the novel I am writing, Princess of the Insane, constructing a Conlang,called Sustätyes, programming, and generally being introspective.

I will post news about Princess of the Insane and Sustätyes to this blog (which is going to be its primary function). Additionally, if I feel the urge, I will write articles about whatever issue or topic I feel like ranting about.

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